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The Key To Weight Loss Is In Your Genes

Your Hidden Energy Is In Your Genes

How does it work?

1. Book an Appointment

Your first consultation with a doctor will help you understand your current condition. Our doctor will perform a body composition analysis and give you few recommendations to help you get started in improving your diet. You will also deposit your saliva sample, which will be sent to the laboratory in California, USA.

2. Receive Your Test Result

After two weeks, your genetic test results will be ready. The doctor will then explain each section of the test in an easy and comprehensive way. She will also advise you on how to implement your personalized meal plan.

3. Optimize Your Diet and Training

With your genetic results and personalized meal plan, you will be able to start introducing changes to the way you eat and exercise. Our team of experts will be happy to continue supporting you to help you reach your goals.

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Increase energy and vitality regardless of your age. Spend your time actively with your family and improve your overall health.

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Business People

Feel more energized and self-confident thanks to a healthy lifestyle. Go through hectic days in a healthy way feeling energized and without being hungry.

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Get your ideal training plan and increase your sports performance! Discover the secrets hidden in your genes and improve your nutrition as well as your training capacity.

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DNA test showed that for me 90 % of success is „in the kitchen“. I realized that what we eat, how much we eat and how often we eat makes a big difference. The team has helped me a lot, they really did take a good care of me.
Miro, 34 years
ValensFit has really changed the way I eat for good.
Zuzana, 34 years
I really enjoyed the ValensFit team's individual approach to the program. They took into account what I wanted to accomplish, what my specific challenges were, and they were realistic about suggesting things that I could accomplish.
Lloyd, 31 years
The biggest surprise was the fact that genetically speaking there is no reason for me to be fat. So there was only my poor lifestyle and stress to blame!
Kateřina, 42 years
ValensFit scores the highest on my chart of different methods of weight loss. The reason is a set of clear and actually working instructions that „don’t hurt“.
Věra, 58 years

ValensFit Genetic Test

Sample Test

Take a look at the actual DNA test report and what specific information you will discover.

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Genes Tested

Check out a selection of some of the 75 genetic markers tested in ValensFit DNA test.

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How can your DNA and the appropriate diet be connected? Get to know more about this exciting scientific field.

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Supporting Science

ValensFit is the most comprehensive nutrigenomic test in the world. Find out the science behind it.

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No more trial and error!

ValensFit is a doctor-supervised weight loss program, based on the professional and detailed genetic study of each client. Through superior coaching services, we help you reach your optimal healthy weight, without feeling hungry, craving foods, or losing energy. The program is custom made for your lifestyle.