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What is ValensFit?

Discover your DNA to eat healthy and exercise effectively. No more trial and error

ValensFit is doctor-supervised weight loss program, based on detailed genetic study of each client. With a superior coaching services, we help you reach your healthy optimal weight, without you feeling hungry, craving foods, or losing energy. The program is made custom to your lifestyle.

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Business people

  1. Feel more energized
  2. Look trim and healthy
  3. Don’t feel hungry or stressed
  4. Keep business trips and events healthy


  1. Gain a performance edge
  2. Discover what fitness secrets your genes hold
  3. Get your ideal training plan
  4. Improve your muscle tone


  1. Energy and vitality for years to come
  2. Enjoy playing with your family
  3. Reduce your medication
  4. Make age just a number


    1. Learn that healthy food can be tasty and fun
    2. Discover what is the right food for them
    3. Teach them to make the right choices
    4. So that they enjoy time with friends

Our clients stories

My DNA results showed me that I have been watching my body carefully, but it has also uncovered what I should continue to work on in the future

Zdeněk, 33 years

Genetic test result has helped me to finally release the pressure of always thinking about my weight.

Vendula, 50 years

Genetic test has shown I really have predisposition to snacking! To keep in good shape in long term, I was recommended to have Balanced diet

Denisa, 30 years

ValensFit has really changed the way I eat for good

Zuzana, 34 years

The most important information was related to my high predisposition to LDL (bad) cholesterol and low predisposition for HDL (good) cholesterol

Gustavo, 42 years

I really enjoyed the ValensFit team's individual approach to the program. They took into account what I wanted to accomplish, what my specific challenges were, and they were realistic about suggesting things that I could accomplish.

Lloyd, 31 years, -13 kg

DNA test showed that for me 90 % of success is „in the kitchen“. I realized that what we eat, how much we eat and how often we eat makes a big difference. The team has helped me a lot, they really did take a good care of me.

Miro, 34 years, -4,5 kg

ValensFit scores the highest on my chart of different methods of weight loss. The reason is a set of clear and actually working instructions that „don’t hurt“.

Věra, 58 years, -27 kg

The most important information for my self-confidence is that my genetic makeup is preventing my efforts to lose weight.

Michaela, 36 let, -5,5 kg

The biggest change for me was that I managed to break a barrier in my mind of being on a diet and accepted the fact that I’m living healthy.

Alžběta, 36 years, -8 kg

Program is great for finding out the ideal type of diet and it helped me to get rid of cravings for unhealthy food.

Carlos, 36 years

“ I’m happy to see that my daugther has understood that it is possible to do something even with genetic predisposition. She has found a dynamic sport which she does several times a week. She takes active part in deciding about her food.

Alexandra’s mum, 12 years

I’m glad to see that Sarah now really thinks about the food and is making the healthy choices naturally. The crutial information for us was that we need to focus on limiting carbs, especially sugar, as test confirmed predisposition to diabetes which is in our family.

Sarah’s mum

I know what icecream to choose and when I get candies I give it to my friend! :)

Sarah, 8 years

My experience has been very positive. I like how all the information was put together, which made a lot of sense and how well personalized it is.

Mirek, 28 years, -2 kg

Genetický test a program ValensFit jsem absolvoval proto, abych lépe poznal své těla a napravil chyby, které jsem dělal ve cvičení a jídelníčku.

Adam, 33 let, -4 kg

My experience was 100% positive, I definitely recommend the program to anyone thinking about it!

Ladislav, 43 let, -4,5 kg

Overall I’m very satisfied with the ValensFit, it fulfilled my expectations. I feel relieved knowing exactly what is the best for me. And I can just smile over another miraculous fab diet!

Paulína, 34 years

The biggest surprise was the fact that genetically speaking there is no reason for me to be fat. So there was only my poor lifestyle and stress to blame!

Kateřina, 42 years, -8 kg

The diet plan really fits me well, I have lost weight and more importantly I feel more energized.

Petra, 36 years, -9,5 kg

I’m very satisfied with the program. Before I didn’t know what to eat, what type of food is good for me nor how to prepare it.

Ludmila, 69 years, -4 kg

Genetic test was an important discovery for me, I often go back to my results. Nutrients that are the most beneficial for me is completely different than what I thought for years. That’s why I was failing so many times.

Věra, 57 let, -7 kg


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